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Alfred Stieglitz An introduction to the work of one of the most influential figures in the history of photography.Graham Clarke An introduction to the work of Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946), one of the most important American cultural figures of his day Documents the evolution of Steiglitz's style from pictorialism to 'straight' photography through a chronological sequence of 55 images A key figure in the history of photography, Stieglitz's work was central to America's acceptance of photography as a serious form of artistic expression Introductory essay by Graham Clarke outlines the importance of Stieglitz's position as one of the greatest promoters of the American modernist movement Includes both iconic images, such as 'The Steerage' (1907), and lesser-known work Picture-by-picture commentary offers insight into individual works and allows casual browsing Alfred Stieglitz (1846–1946) remains one of the most central and influential photographers of the twentieth century. He championed what became known as 'straight photography', a vision of the photograph that sought to establish it as an art form separate from painting and basic to its status as a 'modern' medium. He was also a major figure in the modernist movement in the New York of the 1900s and, through his galleries and publications, played a crucial part in the development of both American art and photography. Stieglitz promoted, published and exhibited much of the best photography of the period in his role as editor of the now legendary magazine Camera Work, and through his galleries, and wrote extensively on photography throughout his career. With a career straddling two centuries, Stieglitz's work bridges their different photographic styles. He was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, but studied in Germany, where he was first drawn to photography, and in the 1880s he travelled around Europe taking pictures. At the age of 24 he won a British photographic competition judged by P.H. Emerson, the first of the 150 prizes he was awarded in his lifetime. On his return to New York in 1889 he began exhibiting his own work and writing on photography,


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Alfred Stieglitz HonFRPS (January 1, 1864 - July 13, 1946) was an American photographer and modern art promoter who was instrumental over his fifty-year career in making photography an accepted art form.

Alfred Stieglitz (Hoboken, Nova Jersey, 1 de gener de 1864 - Nova York, 13 de juliol de 1946) fotògraf nord-americà, d'origen jueu-alemany. Durant els seus cinquanta anys de carrera lluità per fer de la fotografia una forma d'art al nivell de la pintura i l'escultura.